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Monday, December 15, 2014

2016 Adult Softball Changes

Men's Fast Pitch C, D1, D2 & Women's Fast Pitch State Softball tournament will be July 22-24

Men's Slow Pitch D, D1, & F & Women's Slow Pitch C, D, E tournament will be July 29-31

MSP E, E1 August 6-7;  MSP 55-Over Aug 6;  MSP 60-over Aug 7

Church Rec Aug 13; 35-over Aug 13; 50-over Aug 13; 40-over Aug 14

Coed C, D, E, F, F1 Aug 19-21

Church is now called Church Rec - This is not a high competitive division

State entry fees are $275 for Slow Pitch and Coed  NO GATE

State entry fees for Adult fast pitch is $375 NO GATE

MSP E & E1 - 0 home runs NOW - any in excess the batter is out.  This is out a half inning out.

ASA registration fee is $25.00 per team

There are new Senior Rules for MSP 50, 55 and 60-over

All Women's Slow Pitch will use 12" ball.

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